IconTv's mission is to showcase some of the brightest talent In New York City. 

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Flou Mane 

Calou “Flou Mane” Beckford is an educator, entrepreneur, and entertainer. He has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and a master's degree in special education. He is the CEO of IconTVNYC, and a founding member of Money Everywhere Entertainment. He loves the Los Angeles Lakers, kung fu movies, and old school reggae.

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Tristan Daley

Tristan Daley is a filmmaker who was raised in Henry County, Georgia. Aspirations of being a visual artist and storyteller led him to go to Tisch School of the Arts (NYU) for film and television production. His final undergraduate project, a short film called "Debt to Society," received 3rd prize at Tisch's First Run Film Festival. It was also nominated for an HBO Short Film award and won a producing award at Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival. 

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Suki Afolabi

Suki was born and raised in Bronx, New York. He graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelors degree in Psychology in 2014. Although he always had an inescapable passion for music, it was there that he fully realized his passion for acting and being on stage. He loves to entertain and be on camera. As one of ICON TV's original hosts he hopes to bring more talented and dedicated local artists to the world.

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Mijan Jones

My name is Mijan Jones and I am the co-host of IconTv. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but I relocated to the states at an early age. I recently moved to New York from South Florida last year. I've always had a love for the arts and music. Over time, I've developed an ear for spotting new talent. In my free time I enjoy practicing make-up artistry.

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Mia Taper

Mia is a NYU graduate, originally from San Francisco but is somewhat of a New Yorker. She’s an award-winning filmmaker but dabbles in journalism. She gets super emotional over dogs and is probably the worst dancer you’ve ever seen.

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Moyo Afolabi

Hey guys I am Moyo and I manage the Icon TV Twitter Handle. I am your everyday New Yorker, I like my pizza, chopped cheese, and my chinos right next to my brisk Arizona. But on a more serious note, I hail from the birthplace of Hip-Hop the Bronx New York which probably explains my affinity with the music genre and culture. Other interest of mine  include Sports (Knicks, Giants, Yankees), Youth Development, motivational reading, exercising, sales, and community enrichment

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Solomon Odame

Solomon Kwame Odame was born in Ghana, West Africa. He is the Talent Recruiter for IconTVNYC. He along with his family came to NYC for better opportunities. In 2011, he earned a Bachelors of Arts from Wheaton College. As a social entrepreneur, his mission is to leave a positive legacy. He has organized a "pay it forward" campaign called SANKOFA MENTOR.

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Don Mane

Everol "Don Mane” Bartlett is a visionary, actor, and entertainer. He has an amazing sense of humor, and uncanny, but powerful ideas. He is the Executive Talent Scout of IconTVNYC, and a founding member of Money Everywhere Entertainment. He loves cars,Trap Music, and good movies.